Whether casual cocktails or a refined reception, our sparkling glassware adds a perfect touch of class and warmth to welcome your guests with elegance.
Use our glassware to complete your table settings, or to complement our champagne fountains.

11.5oz Water Goblets

Water/Iced Tea Goblet

$10/rack (25)

All-Purpose Wine Glasses

All Purpose Wine Glass

$14.40/rack (36)

Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flute

$18/rack (36)

Martini Glasses

Martini Glass

$10/rack (20)

12oz Crystal Mendocino
Wine GlassesCrystal Mendocino Wine Glass$25.20/rack (25)
8oz Balloon Wine Glasses

Balloon Wine Glass

$14.00/rack (20)

10-11oz Highball Glasses

Highball Glass

$14.40/rack (36)

10-11oz Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner Glass

$14.40/rack (36)

8oz Heavy Rocks Glasses

Heavy Bottom Rocks Glass

$14.40/rack (36)

Sherry Glasses


Punch Cups

Sherry Glass


Cordial Glasses

Cordial Glass


Red Wine

Red Wine Glass

$10.00/rack (25)

Irish Coffee Mug

Irish Coffee Mug

$15.00/rack (25)

Mega Savoie (Prestige)

16oz Mega Savoie Prestige Wine Glass




Miscellaneous Glassware

Salt & Pepper Shaker1.50 Sugar Caddies1.50 Creamer Pitchers0.50