Inflatable games are great for fundraisers for schools and churches!

Inflatable games bring students, parents and teachers together as one big community, and offer a great boost to school spirit. The kids get to have lots of fun, and the school gets to raise lots of money. Even if there isn’t enough room in the budget, carnivals can pay for themselves and more through low-cost ticket and wristband sales.

This morale boosting isn’t limited to children, companies looking for team-building exercises to increase co-worker comradery would have great fun with games like the Joust and the Obstacle Course!

Inflatables are a great way to bring in the crowds!
Check them out below or take a peek at our Game Packages for discounted bundles!

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Interactive Games Price List

 Tiki Rock Wall*  24’x24’x28′  ages 10 and up  $995
Giant Slide* 24’x34’x21′ all ages $690
Mini Slide 22’x12’x14′ ages 12 and under $400
Obstacle Course* 45’x12’x12′ ages 8 and up $425
5-in-1 Super Sports Club* 16’x16’x14′ ages 12 and under $400
18×18 Jungle Bounce House* 18’x18’x15′ all ages $390
15×15 Clown Moonwalk* 15’x15’x14′ ages 12 and under $350
Dual Sport Equalizer Bungee* 10’x45’x10′ ages 8 and up $390
Pedestal Joust* 20’x25’x6′ ages 12 and up $390
Radar Speed Pitch* 15’x14’x14′ all ages $325
Two-Lane Bungee Run* 35’x10’x8′ ages 12 and up $390
Velcro Wall* 16’x12’x15′ ages 8 and up $425
Double Shot Basket Ball 10’x10’x8′ all ages $200
Dunk Tank 5’x5’x8′ ages 12 and up $200
Froggy Fly Fling 5’x5’x8′ all ages $75
Golf Challenge 5’x5’x8′ all ages $75
Kick and Score 5’x5’x8′ all ages $75

The Dunk Tank is a popular item used in fundraisers,
especially for schools when teachers or the principal are willing to take a dive!


(Double Shot Basketball does not count as an inflatable)

Face Painting is available, call us to ask about it.

*Priced for 4 hour rental time with attendants. Delivery not included.

Karaoke Tent: 10’x10’x16′ (all ages) $500

10FT X 10FT White High Peak Frame Tent w/30ft white tent sidewall and 10 ft of 8ft tall Black Pipe and Drape for Backdrop. Includes 120 watt 4 channel multi-format portable PA system with CD player, 2 wireless microphones, and TV screen

12×12 Eliminator Bounce House is priced at $225 for a 3 hour rental and is only available for small residential birthday parties and is suitable for children up to 12 years old.

Won’t have electricity at the location?
Check out our Generators.


Popcorn Machine (100 servings) Snokone Machine (75 servings) Cotton Candy Machine (75 servings)
Carnival Popcorn Popper Snokone Machine Cotton Candy Machine
(or $95.00 w/cart)
$70.00 $70.00
Extra Servings for Concession Machines are $15 for more servings (100 for popcorn, 75 for snokone or cotton candy).
Concession Machines are only rented together with Games.
Concession Rental is also included in some Game Packages